Radiant Heat Flooring Systems

Radiant Heat System

A properly designed Radiant Heating Floor System should consist of a heat source such as a Highly Efficient condensing boiler and if you choose an in-direct water heater for your domestic hot water. There will also be various circulators (small pumps) to move the heated water from the boiler to your floors, and miscellaneous valves and controls to direct and regulate the heat and water flow. All of this is generally located in a mechanical area, such as a garage, basement or some other designated space. At this location there will be piping to various manifold locations usually located in closets or cabinets, these manifolds will act as supply terminals from which floor tubing (the tubing you don´t see) embedded in the floor will connect. Now, when you turn on a thermostat in one of your rooms a control will activate a circulator and warm water will flow to the open circuit in one of these manifolds sending warm water through the tubing embedded in the floor thereby creating Radiant Heat. A well designed and installed Radiant Heat System will provide years of comfortable, clean, dust free, quiet operation. Our top quality systems consistently out perform any other heating system on the market. Just set the thermostat and forget it. And of course, everyone is now concerned about going “Green.” So be aware, you also may now be playing a major role in energy conservation. Yes, you will reduce your Energy usage. 

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